70GigaWatt vision

70GigaWatt Consulting brings expertise in the full spectrum of energy related topics.


Based on over 20 years experience, 70GigaWatt provides plug-and-play support on a wide range of energy and environmental based challenges.

What you do yourself, you mostly do better!

That is also our motto. So instead of trying to set you up for a long term consulting addiction, we will focus on single charge coaching, providing knowledge transfer that should last for a lifetime.

Consulting Services

70GigaWatt Consulting provides plug-and-play support on any of the following topics:

  • Energy contract screening and negotiation

  • Modelling; creation of new models or extended use of existing models

  • Market Analysis; trends, random walk, RARoC, etc.

  • Risk ManagementSourcing & Portfolio Management

  • Pricing; general or customer case specific

Support on such topics can be provided in several "modes"; such as business optimisation, strategic Think Tank, training, coaching, education, research or business case calculations. 



Kris Voorspools

TEL:   +32 (0) 479 871 219

MAIL:   70GigaWatt@gmail.com


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News, Posts & Publications


Hernieuwbare energie loopt hindernissenparcours, maar is onstuitbaar

Hernieuwbare energie is overvloedig en gratis beschikbaar. Het enige wat je moet doen, is die energie oogsten. Helaas verlammen zinloze discussies de besluitvorming. De energie-intensieve industrie zal de doorslag moeten...


Holding on to CO2 allowances is high risk speculation

In Belgium, an estimated 3 to 5million CO2 allowances are in permanent hibernation. To put in perspective; Belgium annually allocates 32million EUAs for free and all ETS installations emit close to 44million tons of...


The market is always wrong, but it’s all you’ve got. Model versus Market: 1-0

Power markets have become quite the rollercoaster… Renewable energy is on the march and nuclear power is no longer able to provide stable output. This results in an unprecedented paradigm shift in the power...



Goedkopere hernieuwbare energie is de drijvende kracht achter energietransitie

Het debat over energie zit duidelijk in een stroomversnelling. Maar het verloopt erg moeizaam, een matig onderbouwde dogmatische politieke stellingenoorlog, waarin consensus veraf lijkt. Het zwaartepunt van...


Eureka! Introducing the concept of Dynamic Hysteresis Hedging

A hedge is a buy/sell decision to reduce or eliminate the exposure towards market price risks. An industrial company, for instance, can hedge its power price exposure by fixing the price for future delivery. Hedging is a tricky...


The modelling of large electricity-generation systems with applications in emission-reduction scenarios and electricity trade

After the preliminary in-dept exploration of modelling aspects, the simulation methodology is presented in E-Simulate. This model is able to simulate electricity...