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70GigaWatt Consulting aims to bring clarity in energy markets.

With over 20year experience in research, modelling, sourcing and pricing and team management, I provide plug-and-play support on any of the following topics (the list is not limited to these topics, just a list from the top of my head).

®     Modelling. 70GigaWatt has a model for European power prices, built on expertise of PhD research complemented by practical trading experience. The model applies spot market logic to test the coherence between forward market vectors power, gas, coal, oil and CO2.

®     Market Analysis. Trend analyses, “what-if” prognoses, technical analysis and (my favorite) RARoC adjusted projections. Handy for trading, risk management, scenario development, feasibility studies or investment project valuation.

®     Strategic Think Tank. Management support on strategic exercises to test “future proof” robustness of business plans. All types of projects are welcome; demand side to optimize consumption and supply side for all technologies (nuclear, fossil or renewable).

®     Training, coaching, education. 70GigaWatt has off the shelve trainings on “Sourcing and Pricing”, “Hedging” (introducing the concept of hysteresis hedging), “Carbon Markets” (including carbon trading simulation game), “Energy Markets” (including demand/supply simulation game). Courses are interactive and from beginner to advanced levels.

®     Pricing. Pricing is the packaging of the product to the client. Pricing has a risk mitigation component (i.e. the design of a sales tariff to pass through the value chain costs), but also a “perception” component (e.g. optimal positioning for price comparison). Service for residential and industrial customers; for fixed and different flavors of variable formulas; for MIG4 and MIG6 market configurations and different countries.
This pricing service is not only offered to suppliers, but also potential customers losing the forest through the trees.

®     Sourcing & Portfolio Management. Good risk management implies a good link between the behavior of the offtake/injection of the basket of customers and the position taken on the market. Hedging maintains the balance between, on the one hand, contractual agreements, expected churn, customer behavior and forecasting and, on the other hand, available products on the market.
Timing is also crucial. Therefore, 70GigaWatt has developed the new concept of “hysteresis hedging” (contact me to learn more).





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